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evening worship

The Evening Worship Service  is a more laid back version of the morning service.  At 6:00 pm Brother Joe will begin the music portion of the service which includes mostly traditional hymns with the occasional contemporary song.  Intertwined with the music there is a time for announcements, prayer requests, fellowship, and prayer.  On most evenings Brother Joe will close out the music portion of the service with a solo performance of a most appropriate worship song.  At the close of the music service a casually dressed Brother Larry will bring another message that God has laid on his heart also backed up by scriptures he presents from the Bible.  During the sermon he will often make a comical quip or two to keep the mood upbeat.  At the close of his sermon Bro. Larry will once again extend a short invitation and open the altar for anyone that may have need to pray over the concerns of their heart or come forward to discuss with him any concerns they may have or decisions that need to be made.  The service is then adjourned with prayer.