On the second Wednesday night of each month is the Piney Baptist Church monthly business meeting.  At 6:30 pm Brother Russ Norman will lead the group in a hymn that has chosen by Alice McKinney.  At the end of the song Brother Larry will make announcements and then bring a short devotional which most often reflects something going on in the world today.  At the close of his remarks the  business meeting is then called to order by Brother Larry, who is also the moderator.  Following the Robert's Rules of Order the meeting begins with the reading and approval of the previous meetings minutes, the presentation of the financial statement, discussion, and a vote to approve.  At this point the floor is open for the reports from various departments and committees.  These are generally the Sunday School, Discipleship Training  Men's Breakfast, Women on Missions and Intercessory Prayer activities.  Then any old business is brought up, discussed, motions are made and voted on as needed.  To round out the meeting new business is brought before the group, discussed and again motions are made and votes are cast.  The meeting is adjourned with prayer.  At the close of the meeting we have a time for prayer request both spoken and unspoken to be made known.  Also if there is a specific and special request where the address is known it can be recorded on a form and submitted.  These names  will be individually spoken aloud during prayer time and everyone in attendance signs a letter which is then mailed to the person acknowledging the prayer request being made. The meeting is then adjourned.